Thursday, 8 March 2012

Long Overdue

This post is long overdue. I am really sorry about that but the Academy's been quite hectic lately. Work is piling up and I need to get a move on. But the past weekend was the best one of my life. Was just perfect in every possible way. Went to the Karoo with my class for the weekend. Best people ever. Best times ever. Best career ever. Basically all we had to do was chill and take photo's during the day. Listen to music. Hang out with insane friends and at night..we had to go out into the desert and get Startrail photographs and just sit back or lie on your back. listen to music and gaze at the universe till sunrise the following day and then repeat the routine. Honestly best time of my life. Here are a few film shots of the potjie we made and a nice chill evening at Bohemia. please enjoy and soon I'll be uploading BW film shots and some of the startrail photographs I took during the weekend.
 awesome group and the most awesomest Sensei ever. Garyth 

 awesome Potjie

 awesome Werner and Astrid
 awesome Andreas
 awesome Louwna and awesome group
 Werner simply being Werner
awesome Lasche 
 awesome Bronwyn and Lasche

Brilliant times and brilliant people..nothing more needed

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