Monday, 12 December 2011

I'll be starting of with the weekends busy shooting

The past weekend was quite a busy one. Two solid days of x amount of hours standing in the direct sunlight trying to capture that single perfect moment with a rather heavy piece of equipment in my hand. But it was great. I loved every single moment of it and couldn't care less about the sun beating down on me frying my brains turning it into a crisp. I covered WolfAlley's second Annual Airoff event and the After Party on Saterday (go check out their page on facebook.. really is a rad group and be sure to watch their page since they've got insane potential and will be organizing awesome events in the near and far future. You can go check their site out as well at they've got the ".com" even though they're a local South African group. Like I've said. These guys have insane potential so keep an eye out and please support the group.) and then again the Hot Heels Africa 2011 IGSA World Cup the following Sunday. I took some film shot's as well as digital. I still have to go develop the film but I'll be posting the digital down below. Check them out. 
    AirOff After Party wakeboarding demo

    Hot Heels...could literally smell the burnt rubber from their shoes as they came past.

    And then just a few random faces and shots from during the AirOff..

    Oh yes and here's the equipment that was used..great aint it?

I'll be updating sometime soon again. Film photographs of the past weekend will then be uploaded. Till next time.

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